Our Approach


LCBDDA is envisioned to establish central business districts in the country supporting and creating new business avenues, building smart societies, and boosting economic activities to put Pakistan on the map of global business districts.


LCBDDA through its "Smart City Mission and Approach" will identify initiatives that can be taken up for the benefit of residents spread across the CBD. The Authority supports ‘smart applications’ or ‘smart solutions’ in routines with services hence contributes to improving the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).


Cities have an important role in the economy where citizens, especially smarts thinkers, aspire to development. Our urban population making 37% of the total in Pakistan contributes over 60% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). This contribution may likely increase as Pakistan rides high on economic growth. Urban groups, in presence of central business districts (CBD), commercial facilities, and business hubs, will carry new opportunities. Central business districts being the areas with high economic activity will provide a suitable ecosystem and infrastructure that extend earning prospects for the public.

The CBD will play a vital role in economic growth by attracting people seeking business and jobs opportunities. The technology needs to be encouraged within CBDs for better systems and a conducive environment in the realization of the dream of economic growth in Pakistan to attract more capital. The CBD not only provides exceptional business openings but offers effective working, living, and playing spaces by quality urban design.


Our approach comprises of five themes elaborated hereunder:

  • Breadth: The CBD will welcome a diverse range of minds and will be letting people in giving respect to culturally different belongings.
  • Eco-friendly: The natural environment will be protected with the provision of green spaces, tree cover, and the inclusion of innovative green initiatives.
  • Sustainable Development: Restoration, affordable access to public resources, and empowering the community are the key elements towards sustainable development.
  • Advancement: A CBD is a central point for businesses and communities around and takes the balanced approach to prosperity and progression for total well-being. 
  • Linked: The CBD is linked to the surrounding neighborhoods through sustainable modes of transport and extensive road infrastructure.