pmIndeed, it’s a matter of great satisfaction for me and my Government that initiatives like CBD have been taken. Surely, the projects of CBD will become a sigh of relief for the overburdened economy of the country. 

Hopefully, such out-of-the-box steps will not only result in creating wealth but to overcome fiscal as well as current account deficits and then finally to sustain the country’s economy. It is imperative to increase the country’s income and decrease expenditures to come out of the quagmire of fiscal and current account deficit. An economic hub will soon be created as many high-rise buildings are planned. Hundreds of billions are expected to be generated by the CBD project with additional benefits of boosting businesses to the creation of jobs with more income for the Federal Government in the form of tax revenue.

Ensuring civic amenities to all has brought many difficulties for us due to unplanned expansion in the cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Therefore, I believe CBD projects would help control the unplanned growth of the city and the vertical construction of buildings would fulfill the housing needs of Lahore. 

Our Government is focusing to encourage more influx towards the national exchequer. I urge other provinces to follow the path to achieve our target quickly by utilizing our resources properly. Such efforts will help us to change the overall culture of business and investment in the country and also setting the right direction to the future where we will be able to pay off our foreign debts. 

The importance of environment-friendly projects for a country like Pakistan increases as we too are facing the alarming of climate change along with our limited resources.

In the end, I congratulate everyone involved in making the idea a success. 

Imran Khan Niazi
Prime Minister of Pakistan

cm punjIt is estimated that the number of people living in Pakistani cities will touch a sizeable figure by the year 2050. Similarly, the pace at which Punjab’s population is expanding, it is destined to become the world’s largest by 2050. To cope with this massive urbanization by meeting all its requirements, Pakistan needs to find smarter ways with new techniques to manage complexities, reduce expenses, increase efficiency and improve the quality of life. 

Huge investments are required in different areas of buildings, energy conservation, IT, and public security in Pakistan. The Prime Minister unveiled different Government flagship schemes that aim to lift urban as well as rural Pakistan. Following the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the establishment of the Lahore Central Business District is a step in the right direction under the CBD Punjab. 

Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) is working on different projects to overcome the residential and commercial activities complementing the overall situation of business and jobs creating a new history in the region. CBDs’ projects are being developed to promote the adoption of smart solutions for efficient use of available resources and enhancing quality. 

For the first time in Pakistan, a LEED certified project is being launched which means the assurance of all basic requirements i.e. environment-friendly features. In addition, the Government is also looking closely at laying down new bylaws and floor area ratio (FAR) norms in purpose to optimally utilize existing land in the country for business and investment, hence uplifting the national economy. 

I am hopeful that the CBD project will benefit all stakeholders and would prove a huge success.

Sardar Usman Ahmed Khan Buzdar
Chief Minister, Punjab


ceoEvery project of CBD not only reflects our commitment towards the vision of the smart society but an icon of change in the field. Apart from creating job and business opportunities in the region, CBDs’ projects are focused on bringing foreign investment to the country. The financial impacts of our projects will support the influx of taxes for the Government, whereas, the generation of revenues for business communities is another plus. The financial activities will support our economy in the long run. Similarly, with huge investment in the shape of tenders involved, will witness a major takeoff in a short period. The project will also transform our cities into international standard modern metropolitans. 

The working population of Pakistan will rise massively in the coming years. Our Commercial and Residential District will be a sign of inspiration and a class of new beginning in the field of construction for others. To accommodate a corresponding rise in the number of city dwellers, Pakistan’s urban areas, which will be critical to the economic growth of the nation, require a massive overhaul to brace for such a future. Cities, therefore, need to plan and provide a suitable environment for future investments, create new jobs and livelihoods, build reliable public infrastructure, provide social services with ample access to affordable housing, and most importantly, support efficient use of resources for a sustainable quality of life.

This vivid growth also provides the push for the creation of more smart cities which will also influence information and communications technology (ICT) to significantly improve the productivity, lifestyle, and prosperity of society. Additionally, the favorable bylaws by the Government and green growth strategies can build environmentally sustainable metropolises. In light of focusing on the overall betterment of the nation at every level, our vision will lead us to ‘Transforming Central Business Districts: Taking Things Smoothly’. 

I urge my team to put every effort into the success of this project sincerely and hope that it will benefit the brighter future of all the stakeholders. Wish you all the best.

Imran Amin
CEO - Central Business District Development Authority