About Us
Welcome to Pakistan's first central business district "CBD Punjab" that puts Pakistan on the map of global business districts where we promise to ensure bespoke and innovative real estate supply to contribute to the national development.
Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) has been mandated to develop environment-friendly, urban regeneration projects on vertical principals that would enhance characteristics of city through walkable urbanism and smart infrastructure.
Future is Now
A Lifetime Business & Investment Opportunity in Lahore
Lahore Prime
Lahore Prime (Kalma Chowk - Ferozepur Road - Main Boulevard Gulberg)
Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA) proudly presents a unique opportunity for businesses, a remarkable project of five high-rise signature towers, mixed-use complex, banks, hotels or other promising business centres.

Indeed, it’s a matter of great satisfaction for me and my Government that initiatives like CBD have been taken. Surely, the projects of CBD will become a sigh of relief for the overburdened economy of the country. Hopefully, such out-of-the-box steps will not only result in creating wealth but to overcome fiscal as well as current account deficits and then finally to sustain the country’s economy. It is imperative to increase the country’s income and decrease expenditures to come out of the quagmire of fiscal and current account deficit. An economic hub will soon be created as many high-rise buildings...

Imran Khan Niazi
Prime Minister of Pakistan

It is estimated that the number of people living in Pakistani cities will touch a sizeable figure by the year 2050. Similarly, the pace at which Punjab’s population is expanding, it is destined to become the world’s largest by 2050. To cope with this massive urbanization by meeting all its requirements, Pakistan needs to find smarter ways with new techniques to manage complexities, reduce expenses, increase efficiency and improve the quality of life. Huge investments are required in different areas of buildings, energy conservation, IT, and public security in Pakistan. The Prime Minister unveiled...

Sardar Usman Ahmed Khan Buzdar
Chief Minister, Punjab

Every project of CBD not only reflects our commitment towards the vision of the smart society but an icon of change in the field. Apart from creating job and business opportunities in the region, CBDs’ projects are focused on bringing foreign investment to the country. The financial impacts of our projects will support the influx of taxes for the Government, whereas, the generation of revenues for business communities is another plus. The financial activities will support our economy in the long run. Similarly, with huge investment in the shape of tenders involved, will witness a major takeoff.

Imran Amin
CEO - Central Business District Development Authority
Salient Features
1st Leed Certified Project in Pakistan focusing on green sustainability
Mega High-rise development with favourable by laws
5% discount on full payment within 30 days
25% payment within 30 days, remaining in 1 year in 3x easy installment
One window operation facilitating bidders at every step
Cities have an important role in the economy where citizens, especially smarts thinkers, aspire to development. Our urban population making 37% of the total in Pakistan contributes over 60% to the country’s gross domestic product
Our Vision
Envisioned to establish Central Business Districts in the country supporting & creating new business avenues. building smart societies and boosting economic activities to put Pakistan on the map of Global Business Districts.
Our Mission
LCBDDA through its *smart City Mission and Approach' will identify initiatives which can be taken up for the benefit of residents spread across the CBD. LCBDDA supports 'smart applications' or 'smart solutions' in routines with services hence contributing in bettor Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Our approach comprises of 5 themes
The CBD will welcome the diverse range of minds and will be letting people in giving respect of culturally different belongings.
The natural environment will be protected with the provision of green spaces, tree cover and inclusion of innovative green initiatives.
Sustainable Development
Restoration, affordable access to public resources and empowering community are the key ingredients towards sustainable development.
The CBD is linked to the surrounding neighborhoods through sustainable modes of transport and extensive road infrastructure.
The CBD is a central point for businesses and communities around it and takes a balanced approach to prosperity and progression for total well being.
Why Prime?
The site spans across 105 hectares situated between Walton Train station to the South and the Sports Pork to the North. It is connected by Gulberg Boulevard Road on the North-west and Ferozpur Road to the South-West.
The site is also adequately served by public transport. with the Lahore Metro with multiple stops across Ferozpur Road and Walton Train station at the Southern end which connects it to the countrywide rail network.
60-A Garden Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan.
+92 42 992 635 52